the latest happenings aT Friends of KMMA-CAITHS, the Kathy and Mike McNulty Academy, and the Center for Advocacy and interventions on Talent, Healthcare, and Sanitation on Rusinga Island, Kenya.

October 8, 2017

Lecture to benefit KMMA at the Botanic Gardens in Traverse City, Mi

Prof. Kieran McNulty (University of Minnesota) will be discussing the paleontology of Rusinga Island in a lecture at the Botanic Gardens at Historic Barns Park (Traverse City, MI) on Sunday October 8, 3pm. The talk will focus specifically on the role that paleobotany plays in our understanding of early ape diversity and adaptations. The talk is FREE, but donations will be accepted at the door to benefit Friends of KMMA-CAITHS and people of Rusinga Island, Kenya.

September 22, 2017

THANK YOU: St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Colorado Springs, CO

Our heartfelt thanks to the parishioners of St. Patrick’s Church in Colorado Springs for the warm and gracious reception Sept. 9-10. Your generous spirit and support were uplifting, and give us a new sense of hope for improving the lives of Rusinga’s orphaned and vulnerable children!