This is a small list of some of the urgent needs of the Kathy & Mike McNulty Academy, its students, and the CAITHS programs. Many additional items are needed, and if you have an idea about equipment or supplies that you would like to donate, please feel free to contact us.

Office Equipment






Desktop Computer


Office use for communication, electronic data storage, and educating students in computer skills




Printing and photocopying exams, reports, and other learning-related materials


Wooden Cabinet


Secure office storage for learning and play materials


Solar Panel


For use to power electronic equipment during periods of blackout

School Supplies


Composition Notebooks


80 students need 3 notebook each


Text Books & Reading Books


80 students need additional course work, storybooks, and other supplemental materials


Chalk & Crayons


Used for in class learning


Pens & Pencils


Used for in class learning


10 Chairs & Desks


Needed for school population growth

Household Water Treatment


1 Water Container & Stand


50 water containers & stands needed to provide clean water to every KMMA household


Water Purification Tabs


Provides water purification tabs for every KMMA household each month  

Sponsor an Orphan


Sponsor a Child for a Year


Includes one dinner every day, school uniform, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, and Christmas gifts

Meals for a Month


Provides one dinner per day for one child


School Uniform


Provides shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes to one child, as required by Kenyan law

Playground Equipment




Encourage play and exercise


Baby Toys


For use by the toddlers during indoor play time

Trade School Supplies


Sewing Machine


To teach young girls and women sustainable trade skills