Mission: working together to save lives and improve the prospects of the men, women, and children of Rusinga Island, Kenya, by supporting sustainable and safe solutions for education, health, nutrition, and sanitation through our partnership with the Kathy and Mike McNulty Academy (KMMA) and the community-based organization Center for Advocacy and Interventions on Talent, Healthcare, and Sanitation (CAITHS).

About us

Friends of KMMA-CAITHS is a family-run nonprofit dedicated to helping the poor and vulnerable people of Rusinga Island, Kenya. Working hand-in-hand with a community-based organization on Rusinga (CAITHS), its mission is to offer free education to orphaned children, provide clean water and health supplies to the impoverished, revitalize the denuded environment, and empower women to break the cycle of poverty in AIDS-ravaged Western Kenya.

The McNulty family first became involved with CAITHS when the four siblings decided to open a primary school for orphaned children to celebrate their parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Kieran McNulty, a scientist working on Rusinga and the first patron of the CAITHS organization, worked through his contacts there to facilitate the process, and in 2016 the Kathy and Mike McNulty Academy (KMMA) opened its doors to more than 30 orphans. Seeing the incredible impact KMMA had in the children’s lives, the McNultys felt called to increase their philanthropy and formalize their outreach efforts through a nonprofit organization. 

mike & kathy mcnulty

Mike and Kathy McNulty were born and raised in the outskirts of Toledo, OH. They met in high school and  married after college graduation. Mike worked for Sears Roebuck for 43 years before retiring. Kathy taught elementary school for nearly as long, taking a “break” to raise their four children.

Mike and Kathy have always been passionate about the importance of education, and made many sacrifices in their own lives for the sake of their children’s academic training. This passion was passed down to the next generation: all four children went into teaching professions.

michael & sheila mcNulty

Michael and Sheila are university professors who met and married in the mountains of western Virginia. Michael teaches courses in Theater Arts and the science and philosophy of perception. Sheila teaches English literature and composition, and was honored as an outstanding educator.

kieran & katie mcNulty

Kieran and Katie were high school sweethearts who eventually got married after a long-distance college romance. Kieran is a Professor of Anthropology and has worked on Rusinga Island for more than a decade. Katie is a free-lance consultant specializing in business and grant writing. They live in Minnesota with their two children.

Katy & david mcCormick

Katy and David met as music majors in college and married soon after graduation. Katy is an accompanist and director of three children’s choirs at her church. David is a Master Sergeant in the Air Force band, specializing in trombone performance and ensemble arranging. They live in Colorado with their four children.

maureen & Christopher Miller

Maureen and Christoper met and married in Florida after Maureen moved there to pursue her teaching career. Christoper works as a pilot for a commercial airline, and Maureen is a middle school teacher specializing in language arts and ESL instruction. They still live in Florida with their miniature Australian Shepherd.